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Pediatric Dentistry


We love kids!!


Preventing tooth decay and maintaining the health of primary teeth (baby teeth) is important in order to encourage children to chew properly, maintain good nutrition, help with speech development, and prepare space for the eventual eruption of the permanent teeth.


Dr. McBrine is well-versed in the pediatric dentistry needs of children and their parents. Even as the child grows and enters adolescence and their teen years, Dr. McBrine recognizes the growing importance of appearance and self-image and works to instill the importance of preventative dental health care as well as the impact of braces, tobacco use, oral piercings, etc.


Dr. McBrine also has advanced training including Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) that allows her to gently sedate young patients that might need sedation to accomplish their dental needs. 


Sometimes the dental and sedation needs of the child will require that Dr. McBrine will refer you to treat the advanced needs.  A referral to a Pediatric Dentist will be made based on your child's specific needs.

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