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Sedation Dentistry


Unfortunately, anxiety and fear prevents many people from getting out of dental pain and restoring their overall health.  Sedation dentistry can be used to alleviate fear and provide comfort during routine and extensive dental treatment.


There are multiple options for dental sedation including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Dr. McBrine would be happy to discuss which type of sedation is right for you.


Nitrous Oxide:

Often referred to as “Laughing Gas” this type of sedation provides convenient relaxation. Nitrous oxide is a mixture of the gases oxygen and nitrogen. For mildly anxious patients this is a wonderful and safe option. One of the benefits is that the sedation effects wear off within minutes after the completion of the procedure.


Oral Sedation:

For patients that are slightly more anxious, sedation can be achieved by the help of a pill.  After a short period of time, you will become very relaxed. The medication has amnestic properties that allow you to have no memory of the treatment.


IV Sedation:

This is the type of sedation that sets our office apart from many other offices. Advanced training is necessary to be able to provide IV sedation to patients. Dr. McBrine received her training for IV sedation during her two year post-doctorate residency.  She regularly takes continuing education to maintain her ability to provide IV sedation and is a member of American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.


IV sedation is a combination of pain and sedative medications that allow you to have a strong feeling of relaxation and comfort. This method of sedation allows extremely anxious and fearful patients to undergo dental treatments. Patients typically have no memory of the time in the dental chair. 


This is a great option for wisdom tooth extraction, implant placement, extensive restorative work, and complex dental procedures. If you have been afraid to get necessary treatment done, now is the time to take care of your dental needs!!!

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